How can I join with Liisa Fitness Family Membership and what benefits will it gives me?

Join here: By joining, you will have access to all Liisa Fitness training and nutrition programs in a private Facebook group.

I have joined Liisa Fitness Family Membership, where can I find information, nutrition plans and workouts?

After joining, check your email. You will find login information for your account. You will find workout videos under “Workouts”. Nutrition plans and other information are in private Facebook group:

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel you monthly payment on your account under „Subscriptions“:

How long is one workout and how can I do it?

One workout lasts a maximum of 40 minutes, depending on the program. Detailed descriptions of workouts can be found at: All workouts are video-based and you can do them whenever and wherever you like.

If I have special dietary requirements (food intolerance, vegan, vegetarian, etc.), can I still follow nutrition plans when joining the program?

If you have special nutritional needs, contact us and we will find a suitable solution for you.

Are Liisa Fitness training programs suitable for beginners as well?

Yes. By joining the LF Family Membership, you can start with the Body Transform Start program, which is also ideal for a beginner trainer.

If I don’t know which program to choose, where should I turn to?

For all questions, please write to:, Liisa Fitness’s  Facebook or Facebooki page. We will help you choose the right workouts and guide you on nutrition.

If I don’t want to join Liisa Fitness Family Membership, what other opportunities do I have?

You can also choose from individual programs: Cardio & Strength, Body Transform Start and Body Transform Strong. By purchasing an individual program, you will also have access to the FB private group. Access to the training programs lasts according to the program (Cardio & Strength 40 days, BT Start and Strong 50 days).

If I don’t want to workout, can I just participate in a nutrition program?

Liisa Fitness also offers the Fresh & Fit 4-week nutrition challenge, which starts on a specific date each month. Information about the nutrition program can be found at:

If I don’t want to buy individual programs or join, can I also order personal plans?

Yes. Liisa Fitness also offers personal training and nutrition plans and other services. Information can be found at: